Crazy busy!

Ok. So I wrote this awhile ago but it’s still (sort of) relevant! —— Phew! So many plans for the future! So many past events and activities! Loads have been done and we’ve had a blast with all of them! So much so, that we neglect our cameras because we’re so focussed on the task … Continue reading

Team at Muhibbah

A family of random faces

This year, the office has been so different compared to last. Until the end of last year, we only had 5 people working full time in the office. It becomes almost natural for the 5 of us to feel so tight-knit and family-like amongst ourselves and work was nothing short fun and laughter. Of course … Continue reading


mouth tapes 2

Well guys we’ve been super busy at the HQ but the fun is still rolling. More Mouth Tapes recently by the FV team. Not a day goes by without us goons making each other laugh. “Can you imagine if I wore it? I’d look like a freaking umbrella on steroids.” – Marissa on puffy skirts.  … Continue reading


The Headless One

It’s not my intention to bore you guys with my writing so I’m going to be super quick alright. The purpose of this article is to properly introduce myself since I’m well,headless.. Let’s take a quick stroll through my amazing journey as the in-house model. It started a while back when I received a random … Continue reading

IMG_2431 copy

Neelofa Is In The House!

I’m sure most of you would know by now that we elected Neelofa, one of Malaysia’s most popular actress/host/presenter to be our Brand Ambassador. Now, we’re not here to judge. Whatever is going on in the the tabloids, remain in the tabloids. From what we know from a business side of things is she’s professional … Continue reading

Necklaces Galore

BTS: Working on a Sunday (WHI)

Did you catch us on Wanita Hari Ini (WHI) this arvo? We watched it in the office today. Asma’ cringed watching herself on TV earlier, HAHA! But we think she did just fine! Last Sunday, Marissa and I rocked up to our HQ bright and early to prepare for our Wanita Hari Ini  feature on … Continue reading


Workwear Reworked

If there’s one outfit category that designers can always bank on getting their “cha chings $ $ $”, it’s workwear. I don’t know about you but I totally enjoy getting dressed to go to work. Maybe it’s because i’ve never worked in a serious corporate environment where straight cut trousers, frill-free shirts and black blazers … Continue reading

2012-06-06 14.29.15

Lunchtime at FVHQ

Do you look forward to lunchtime at your work place? At FVHQ, we ALWAYS look forward to our lunch break. Most of the time, we would be too engrossed with our work that we forget to eat but when we have the time, we go all out! Some of us would still dress nicely when … Continue reading


A Day In The Life Of An FV-ian

Bored at work? Yes? We wished we could say the same. But we can’t! There’s ALWAYS something happening at the FV Headquarters. We (like Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou) would like to call it “Fabulous Chaos”. It’s either we’re busy packing orders, shooting/receiving new stocks, prepping for an interview, karaoke-ing to an old Disney song or … Continue reading

euro 2012

Euro 2012…with girls

The most common reaction I get from people when talking about FashionValet is “so you’re the only guy in the office with 10 other girls?? How is it like?“. Honestly, I really love being in the office with them, but there are times where I wish there was another guy in the office for me … Continue reading


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